Tiara Amber Glass Plate

The Tiara amber glass plate is a beautiful plate that you can use for all of your fine dining pleasures or for your simple family meals. These plates are made from thick glass which makes them not only great quality but also durable. Your family and friends will love that you went to so much trouble to set such a beautiful table for them to enjoy and only you will know that you didn't go through any trouble at all.

If you're not a collector, this is a great peice to start your collection with and if you are a collector but don't have this peice you really need to add them. The amber glass plate will also make a great gift for a wedding shower or anniversary. When you gift someone with this amber plate not only will they be surprised and pleased, but you will be helping them to start a great glassware collection that they can pass down to their children and grandchildren.

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These plates are will dress up any table setting and can turn a casual dinner into an elegant dinner. They are easy to care for and far less fragil than they look making them high quality.