Tiara Amber Glass

The Indiana Glass Company created molds for carnival glass that were sold as part of house parties or given to the hostesses of such parties as gifts, depending on the amounts of product sold at the party. Tiara amber glass is a form of carnival glass created by the Indiana Glass Company.

Carnival glass comes in many colors including green, purple, pink, black, white, clear and amber. The amber glass is a light yellowish topaz color that many find very attractive. Tiara amber glass was shaped in many molds. Not only did tiara amber glass come in the shape of a complete dinnerware ensemble, but a variety of ornate vases, flower baskets, table toppings and even picture frames were formed using tiara amber molds.

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Carnival glass is so named because during the early part of the 20th century, this glass could be won at carnivals by playing the midway games. This glass was considered cheap and easy to come by. It wasn't until later, that collectors realized the value and beauty of carnival glass and it became a popular item to acquire. Carnival glass, such as tiara amber glass, is usually found now in small sets or as singular pieces.