Tiara Amber Plates

Tiara amber plates are among the most beautiful pieces of chin around, as well as the hardest to find. As the name suggests, they are amber colored. The center typically has a large floral design, with similar, smaller designs around the rim. One plate, made in 1982, features a central design of two turtle doves, while the outside area is plain. Also on the center is a small metal disk with the words "Tiara exclusive" inscribed on it. There is also a pair of "sandwich" glass dinner plates whose color is not really amber, but dark red. And there are serving platters, including egg plates, with sawtooth patterns on the rims. Some of plates in this group are divided into sections for different types of food.

Other Tiara plates for sale include large chop and relish plates; a set of three storybook plates that feature pictures from "The Three Bears," "The Cow Jumped over the Moon," and "The Little Pig Went to Market;" and a divided plate that features nursery rhyme titles. The beautiful designs on these Tiara plates remind one of those on Arab, Persian, or Turkish dinnerware. Any of these would make a great addition to the home.

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