Tiara Amber Sandwich Candle Sticks

If you enjoy collecting regional glassware or candle sticks, you may want to make Tiara amber sandwich glass candle sticks part of your collection. The candle sticks are part of the amber sandwich line marketed by Indiana’s Tiara Glass. “Amber” represents the glass color, which is a golden brown, and “sandwich” represents the actual pattern, which is an intricate pattern used on a variety of Tiara amber pieces.

Though Tiara amber sandwich candle sticks were sold exclusively through Tiara, the candle sticks were manufactured for Tiara by a few different factories, including Indiana Glass, Fenton Art Glass and L.E. Smith. The candle sticks, and other amber sandwich glass pieces, have not been manufactured in the past few decades, so the candle sticks are considered vintage or collector pieces. The candle sticks in the amber sandwich glass line come in more than one height, including short candle holders of 3 1/2 inches in height to tall candle holders of 8 1/2 inches in height. The opening in the candle holders are made to hold tapers, instead of larger candles.

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If you like matching glassware, you can find many items to match the Tiara amber sandwich candle sticks, including serving platters, bowls and cups.