Tiara Amber Sandwich Canister

Tiara Exclusives marketed reproductions of 1920s depression glass originally produced in the 1800s by the Boston and Sandwich Glass Company in Sandwich, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. Tiara glass was sold through home parties and came in many different colors, but their most popular was golden amber.

The Tiara amber sandwich canister set consisting of three pieces sold during 1970 to 1998 when Tiara Exclusives operated. The pattern is a common Sandwich glass pattern with raised impressions of a daisy-like flower with lacey scrollwork filled with stippled raised dots. The amber color is golden yellow and much deeper than the pale amber of the 1920s depression glass.

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The large canister stands 9 inches high, the medium canister is 7 inches tall and the small is 5.5 inches in height. All canisters are 5 inches in diameter, round in shape and have a matching glass lid. Collectors enjoy these pieces along with dinnerware, goblets, boxes, cake trays and other beautiful glassware. Old Sandwich glass was made by several companies including Anchor Hocking, Westmoreland Glass, Fenton Art Glass and LE Smith Company. Indiana Glass or Duncan and Miller Glass produced the later Tiara Glass versions, which were identified by a sticker instead of imprinted numbers or other markings.