Tiara Amber Sandwich Tumblers

When serving your guests an ice cold glass of lemonade or iced tea during those sweltering summer days, using the tiara glass sandwich tumbler adds a touch of class to a casual beverage break. The amber colored glass adds a retro feel to your next get together, and the tapered base makes this tumbler look fancier than a glass or jelly jar.

Tiara glass sandwich tumblers feature a floral sunburst pattern that not only decorates the exterior of the glass; it also provides a better grip than other smooth textured tumblers. A decorative leaf pattern near the base complete the floral motif, and other raised design details turn this tumbler into a conversation piece.

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Tiara glass sandwich tumblers hold approximately ten ounces of liquid, the perfect amount for quenching the thirst of your parched guests. The design makes these tumblers elegant enough to serve as juice glasses at a formal brunch. The thick exterior of these tumblers make them less likely to break if someone accidentally overturns one. The versatility of these tumblers allows you to use them as an accent piece when combined with simpler china and glassware, and the classic design may make you reminisce about your childhood.