Tiara Amber Sandwich

Tiara glassware has recently become a popular collectible among glass enthusiasts. It was produced by Tiara Exclusives of Dunkirk, Indiana between 1970 and 1998. The pieces are very intricate depicting various patterns on slightly tinted glass, and were produced in a variety of colors including green, blue and amber. The Sandwich pattern has since become one of the most desired patterns available. The collections were sold via home consultants, who hosted parties to display it, and allow purchases from the catalog.

The Amber Sandwich set of glassware was a very popular choice among purchasers when Dunkirk originally released the collection. A complete set of the glassware consisted of every piece needed to create the perfect show table for dinner. It included water goblets with intricate designs on them, tinted in a gorgeous amber color, a matching five piece salad bowl set, serving platters, candlesticks, dessert trays, decanters and more.

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Much like when originally released, today’s collectible market allows purchasers and collectors to acquire the glass in sets. Prices for this gorgeous collectible glassware range from $10 for a single item to hundreds of dollars for an entire set of goblets or platters. Pricing for side table items such as candlesticks, baskets, and canisters vary by item but can be found for 7 dollars and up.