Tiara Amber Set

There are a variety of different types of Depression glass available today and you will find them not only in a variety of different settings but also you will likely see them for a wide range of prices from the inexpensive to the over expensive versions. Many resources will tell you that Tiara Amber glass is one of the least value and that other colors from the 1920’s through the end of WWII are much more valuable. But it is not just the color that will determine the value of the item and other factors such as the manufacturer, shape, and design must also be factored in for an accurate appraisal.

Take a piece of tiara amber and compare it to a piece that is green or blue. While the green or blue glass may in theory be worth more you can actually find that a nicely made piece of tiara amber may actually hold more value. The only way to really know what the value is of a piece or set of tiara amber is, is to have it assessed piece by piece by a professional assessor of glass. They will let you know exactly what your pieces are valued at.

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