Tiara Black Diamond Glass

Collecting glassware is a rewarding hobby that brings a sense of nosalgia to your table. This tradition is often started because of one beautiful piece that is passed down, and becomes a hunt for the next glass that would complete a set. Made by the Indiana Glass Company between 1970 and 1999, it is highly collectible. This glassware was sold at home parties and was a cheaper, but still beautiful alternative to depression glass. Most pieces originally sold for $10-$60.

The Black Diamond series of Tiara glass was a relatively rare set. The Diamond pattern was first introduced in 1965 and production on this line continued into the 1980s. The set is quite extensive and includes all tableware and accessories, including candleholders, vases, pitchers and serving platters.

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Tiara Black Diamond glassware can be found at purchased at garage and estate sales, thrift stores, antique stores, online glassware stores and auction sites like eBay. In order to determine the fair prices for any Black Diamond glassware that you are considering purchasing, it would be prudent to look at websites for comparable prices, talk to antiques dealers or join a website that specializes in pricing and auctioning antique items and glassware.