Tiara Black Diamond

Tiara Exclusives was the home party merchandising plan operated by the Lancaster Corporation. Tiara Exclusives bought most of their products and molds from the Indian Glass Division of Lancaster Colony. Tiara operated the business from 1970 to 1998. Some of the elaborate cultured designs were also known as the carnival glass. The Tiara Black Diamond collection is known as the collector’s vintage collection. Some of the most beautiful pieces of this glassware are the diamond faceted salt and pepper shakers and the coffee and creamer sets. There was also the ashtray and table lighter that added the beautification to the house warming parties.

The Cameo Black pattern and design was also made by the Indiana Glass Division of Lancaster Colony, It was also marketed through Tiara Exclusives. The “Cameo” name was also used by Tiara Exclusives. Tiara also called the pattern the “Diamond Point” showing the heavy diamond faceted designs in many of their household items.

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Cameo black is the diamond point pattern that was reissued in the black. The elaborate collection of Tiara Black Diamond candle holders and many of their black diamond glassware all have the distinguished and beautiful diamond point design. This is a design that was purchased at many house parties and through catalogs.