Tiara Black Glassware Pitcher

Tiara was started on July 1, 1970, as the home party arm of Indiana Glass Company, following the popular lead started by Tupperware and Mary Kay. These products were not made by the Indiana Glass Company but were made for them based on old molds based on patterns originally produced by the Fostoria Glass Company. The pieces were often given as presents. The Tiara Company was closed in September 1998.
One of the most beautiful pieces of the Tiara line was the Tiara black glassware pitcher many of which were sculpted with monarch butterflies. This pitcher would have been part of a larger set and perhaps used as a hostess gift. These gifts were used by Tiara to encourage hostesses to have larger parties resulting in more sales. The black color was first introduced by the company in 1973.
Those looking to purchase this pitcher today should make sure that it is free of defects such as cracks and chips. Also look for pitchers that come in their original packaging, which should also be in great condition. The black color was produced by layering the color on the crystal and then heating it so it would adhere to the crystal.