Tiara Blue Glass Pitcher

Having a well outfitted home means that not only do you have all of the necessary items you need for the home; you also have items which match well with one another and express your own personal sense of style. Some unique items dotted throughout your home is one way to have a pulled together decor and a home that many will envy. One extra item to use in your home, which is both decorative and functional is a tiara blue glass pitcher. You can use the pitcher to serve iced tea outdoors on sunny summer days and to have ice water on your dining room table for family dinners.

You can also be more creative with a tiara blue glass pitcher, as it is an item that will also work well as a decorative piece in a master or second bathroom. You can place the pitcher beside a sink or basin to give your bathroom the look and feel of a rustic country home. Additionally, placing a pitcher beside a bed on a nightstand is also a way to add a unique touch to your bedroom area. Regardless of where and how you use such a piece, having one in your home gives your house just an extra added pop of color and class.

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