Tiara Blue Glass Tumblers

Made in an array of beautiful shades of blue, tiara blue glass tumblers are a wonderful accent to any kitchen décor or bar glassware. Some of the attractive hue options are aquamarine, which is a translucent blue-green, azure blue, that has the look of a beautiful sunny sky, cobalt, which is produced by the strong coloring agent cobalt oxide, bringing about a deep, cool, slightly desaturated blue, and ice blue, which is known for its dazzling, fresh color and is very similar to a translucent light blue.

In addition, tiara blue glass tumblers come in the very popular imperial blue that has a strong, deep, vivid coloring that is a fine complement to dark stained kitchen interiors or the rich wood paneling of a bar. Also, there are the collector favorites, premiere blue, which is made from a mixture of nickel, cobalt and chrome, and works well with a country-chic themed kitchen and vintage blue, which is a striking, antique blue shade created exclusively for Tiara glasses by L.E. Smith Glass.

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Tiara blue glass tumblers are available in various sizes. These flat-bottomed drinking glasses are usually between 12 to 20 ounces. This includes the Collins and highball glasses, used for mixed drinks, the whiskey tumbler, which is a small glass used for small “shots” of liquor and the iced tea glass.