Tiara Chantilly Green Canister

The Tiara Chantilly Green Canister is a beautiful pale green canister about nine inches tall with a distinctive pattern and lid. Originally made around 1970 as part of the carnival glass craze by the Indiana Glass company with the Tiara Line, the Tiara chantilly green canister would have been given to the hostess who conducted a home party much like a Tupperware party. These pretty glass containers were often parts of sets that the hostess could match with her dinnerware or with other decorative items such as flower vases.

The Tiara Chantilly Green Canister was also called the avocado green canister and can be used as a decorative cookie jar, for dog biscuits, to contain hard candies or even as a container for dry pasta that you plan on using soon. Because the tiara chantilly green canister is not airtight, you will not want to place items in it that will get weevils or other bugs.

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The Tiara Chantilly Green Canister line is highly collectible and is popular among those who collect carnival glass. The tiara line molds were used several times by the Indiana Glass company and the pattern can be found in other distinctive colors such as amber.