Tiara Chantilly Green Glass

Tiara glass is a product of Tiara Exclusives, a subsidiary of Indiana Glass Company, which was formed to sell decorative tableware and glass objects to individuals through popular home party sales during the 1970s and 80s. The glass was produced by several independent manufacturers and sold through Tiara Exclusives.

Tiara Exclusives originally introduced a Sandwich pattern glass in a single color but soon expanded the selection. Chantilly green, a popular color, was provided to Tiara by the Federal Glass and Imperial Glass Companies. The Chantilly green pattern generally consisted of a mesh background with an embossed scroll or floral highlight. The glass objects and patterns were formed by pressing pliable molten glass in molds.

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Glass is made by heating a precise mixture of finely screened quartz sand, potash, soda, lime, and other trace chemicals as determined by the glass maker. Crushed glass, called cullet, is usually added to the mixture to aid the melting process. A combination of other chemicals produce different colors. Common soda-lime glass has a very slight green tint. Iron and chrome are two chemicals that can impart stronger shades of green. Only the manufacturers know the formula for the original clear Tiara Chantilly green glass color.