Tiara Chantilly Green

Tiara Exclusives Glassware produces a line of glassware such as dinnerware, decorative items in various patterns, designs and colors. Later they expanded their line to include novelties and accessories such as figurines, frames and candleholders. Tiara Exclusives began operations on July 1, 1970 and ended in 1998. It was owned by Lancaster Colony Corporation. Its headquarter office was located in Dunkirk, Indiana. It was strictly a retail company not a manufacturing one. They distributed products made by the adjacent Indiana Glass Company which was also owned by Lancaster. Some of the dinnerware lines were made by other manufacturers like Fenton Art Glass, L.E. Smith and Duncan and Miller Glass Company.

The Tiara glassware was sold at home parties due to the popularity of party plan companies then like Mary Kay. Most of Tiara’s glassware products were reproductions of the Sandwich Glass pattern which was very popular during the Great Depression in the 1930s. Tiara revived the famous pattern in their dinnerware items in the 1970s.

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The Tiara Sandwich glassware came in different colors such as the Tiara Chantilly green color. However, its primary color is amber. Other color variations include gold, dark blue and pale peach. The Tiara Chantilly green color is also used in their other dinnerware products which the company produced such as gravy boats, butter dishes and tray lamps.