Tiara Diamond Black Glass

The Tiara black diamond point pattern was first introduced in 1977. It was patterned after the original glass that was introduced by the Indiana Glass Company in 1965. The pattern was one of the most popular, both in its original run and in the reintroduction by the Tiara Company. The pattern is available in several colors.

The Tiara black diamond glass pattern was sold at home parties. With these parties a hostess would invite several of her friends to her home. They would then order products and the hostess would receive products at a reduced cost based on what others ordered. These parties were popular from the time the company opened in 1970 until its closure in 1998, although the company stopped producing the pattern in the late 1980s.

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The Tiara black diamond glass pattern came in several pieces including candy dishes, candle holders, pitchers and flower vases. Today, it is popular to display these pieces in china closets in many elegant homes. When doing so try to do so with a piece of coordinating fabric underneath them to enhance the color. Also it is popular to use these pieces at dinner parties. These pieces look elegant and will really dress up a dinner table for a special occassion.