Tiara Glass Amber Sets

Tiara Glass was originally marketed for a very short time. From 1970 – 1998, tiara exclusives marketed the Tiara Glass. The glassware was sold as dishes and came in an assortment of colors and designs. The glassware became so popular that in 1970 they began to have in home shows for the glassware.
The Tiara Glass amber sets are very highly sought after pieces. They make beautiful decorative pieces. Many people enjoy the hard work and detail that is put into every piece. The amber glass itself is highly searched for due to the variety of colors it can come in. The colors can range from a pale yellow to a ruby amber. The wondeful thing about the Tiara Glass amber sets are that they can be collection pieces or for everday use.
The sets can include many items. The most common items are dishes, vases, home decor, and serving dishes. The various glasses are the easiest items to find. There are over eighty different pieces in the amber sets.
When looking to liven up your homes the Tiara Glass amber sets will be a great addition. The best part about the sets are that even after the company stopped producing the items you can still find them at great and reasonable prices.