Tiara Glass Black

Black tiara glass, etched with a floral or lace pattern, brings a statement to any dinner or household piece. The black glass looks clean and sharp along with other pieces that may also be used in the home. A well kept piece of black tiara glass will shine and show off the intricate details of the etching in the glass, making for a splendid show piece.
Some may worry that black tiara glass may be too dark and depressing, but it is not so. For a black tiara glass pitcher, put some colorful flowers from the garden to brighten the look. A candy dish can be filled with colorful hard candies to soften the darker glass. Adding these splashes of color does not detract from the glass, rather it compliments it and brings it back to life.
Black tiara glass can add a touch of class and sophistication to a dinner party or special family event. Why not add a black tiara glass vase as a center piece for a holiday dinner? Or perhaps a set of black tiara glass goblets can be used in celebration of a happy event. Black tiara glass will add uniqueness to any dinner party.