Tiara Glass Blue

If you’ve ever wondered why it may be difficult to purchase Tiara glassware including the sought after Tiara glass blue line, it’s because this specialty glassware was only sold through home parties by sales agents during the years 1970 through the late 1990s. Tiara brand glassware was in business for 28 years and marketed by Tiara Exclusives Company in Dunkirk, Indiana.

The Indiana Glass Company, however, fabricated many of the glassware items for the Tiara glass collections. Tiara glass was also made by L. E. Smith and the well-known Fenton Art Glass Company.

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Most of the Tiara glass, blue or other signature colors, was distinguished by a simple paper label. Authenticating Tiara glassware can be difficult for the novice or even an antique dealer specializing in glassware because labels are often removed from the piece by washing, wear and tear or on purpose by the owner.

Some Tiara glass molds had the Tiara name contained within the glassware but a large majority of items had just the paper sticker. If you examine a Tiara glass basket, you might find initials at the base of the handle which identify the artisan who created the piece and claimed it as his work.