Tiara Glassware Amber Basket

In 1970, the Indiana Glass Company started a retail line called Tiara Exclusives, which would sell its glassware to housewives and collectors. This was during the time when the “home party” was just getting off the ground, and women who wished to form their own businesses would become a seller for Tupperware, Mary Kay or Avon, holding parties in their homes and attempting to sell their wares.

The Tiara Exclusives line folded in 1998, but its line of collectible glass wear, all crafted by the Indiana Glass Company, lives on.

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One of these pieces is the Tiara Glassware Amber Basket. There were two different styles – the small or large sandwich basket, and a taller version that looks more like a vase with a handle. These baskets were made by hand by India Glass Company artisans. The small sandwich baskets are 7 inches in diameter and a little over 7 inches tall. The large sandwich baskets are 10 inches high and 11 inches wide.

Tiara Glassware Amber Baskets that have been signed by the artisan are the most valuable of these items. If the handle has give dots on them – they were made by apprentices. If the baskets have initials, they were made by an artisan. Artisans that made the Tiara Glassware Amber Basket include Jim Dunlavy (who signed with his initials JD), and Mike Robinson, who signed with his initials MR.