Tiara Glassware Amber

For collectors of Indiana Glass, the Tiara glassware amber in color is a popular choice. There are many different styles and patterns still available in the amber today. Take the Sandwich, and sometimes referred to as Early American Pattern or pattern 170, is highly sought after for instance. This pattern dates all the way back to 1925. However, the amber glass was not produced until 1971. The production ended in 1989.

Even though the Tiara glassware amber in color Sandwich pattern was not handmade, it is still one of Indiana Glass’s most popular collections. In fact, pattern 170 is the core pattern for the Tiara glassware line and most of the collection revolved around it. There are many pieces for the amber Tiara Sandwich glass, from marketing to limited edition items.

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Some of the items still available are things, like a decanter, goblets, a clock, and more. The Sandwich pattern also has dinnerware pieces, such as plates, cups and saucers, pitchers, serving items, and so on. They are all beautifully imprinted with a floral type design on all the pieces. This makes it where any collector cannot go wrong in starting or continuing with this Indiana Glass Tiara glassware amber in color.