Tiara glassware black

Have you ever wondered about the really great looking opaque glassware black colored and displayed in your favorite antique store? It is called Tiara Glassware and was first created in 1970 out of the Tiara Glass Company in Dunkirk, Indiana. It was the entire craze when it hit the market and most was sold at first in home parties. If you couldn't afford the more expensive depression glassware then Tiara with it's wide variety of pressed glass patterns became available. The Tiara glassware black version held itself apart as the striking contrast that could be presented when setting the table.

Just as we've always been told, the color black goes with everything, this holds true with place settings too. The stunning black with an easy gloss appearance will bring out any color when used along side of your Tiara. A beautiful indigo blue table cloth as your palette, dressed with full place settings of the Tiara black will speak highly of your good taste and powerful decorative techniques.

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If the place setting is not your interest but antique trading is then you should know that many Tiara dish pieces will range widely from $10 – $ 65. There is plenty of information for the public to use in order to sell or buy Tiara dishes competitively.