Tiara Glassware Chantilly Green

Tiara glassware is simply one of those delicate, elegant items that charms as it satisfies. The softly hued Chantilly Green adds a delightful touch to the graceful sweep and enchanting look of this striking service item. Though they are not particularly expensive, their delicate beauty belies their low cost.

Perfect for an afternoon tea or a light brunch on the patio, Tiara glassware not only shows off the host's good taste, it also brings a touch of whimsey as well as class to the affair. Available to accompany the glasses are cups, bowls, plates, saucers and more. Even serving pitchers, platters and trays are available in this lovely style.

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For butter or spread, there's a chic butter dish with cover. To top off a meal, serve tasty mints on a beautiful Chantilly Green Tiara candy box complete with its own lovely lid. For the bath, there's a divine jar-size container for soaps, bubble bath beads or simply as a pleasant room accent.

Most of the Chantilly Green Tiara items have a distinctive bas-relief outer surface but a few items have a plain smooth surface. Regardless of which style you get, you'll love the vintage look and the way they shimmer in the soft glow of candlelight.