Tiara Glassware Chantilly

From the mid seventies until around 1998 there was a line of glassware called Tiara glassware chantilly. This was marketed by a company called Tiara Exclusives. This was made by the Lancaster Colony Corporation. The company made dishes, glasses and other glass products in an assortment of designs.

Many of the products on the market were a design that was a copy of many of the Sandwich glass patterns of the time period. Tiara took the popular depression glass of the 1920's and made it popular again in the 1970's. The chantilly glass was sold in greenish, sruce green, teal and even blue and peach.

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This amazing line of glassware designs includeddinnerware, clocks, lights and lamps, dishes for butter and boats for gravy, goblets and even decanters. This glassware all came in matching designs and colors. These pieces were popular because they could be collected or used as everyday glassware.

Today this glassware has become highly collectable. Many people are doing their very best to collect the sets that they had in their teenage years and the glassware their parents had. The Tiara glassware chantilly collection is an amazing set to collect because of the unique patterns and the colors.