Tiara Glassware Green Chantilly

Tiara glassware green Chantilly is among the most beautiful tableware ever made. The line includes plates, salad bowls, sandwich dishes, and canisters. On dinner plate exhibits a raised inner rim that surrounds an abstract design and is surrounded, in turn, by other such designs. Other green Tiara glass items that may be bought include a nine- piece wine set that consists of a tray, a jug, and six wine glasses; a Sandwich light Chantilly green tea glass, with delicate pine needle design; a frosted strawberry jar candy dish with a stand and an ornately designed cover; a smooth, transparently colored mini- demijohn vase; a 15 inch peacock vase, similarly transparent, but with floral designs; a water goblet; a table wine glass; a set of seven tumblers; an eight- piece snack set; a light green cup and saucer; a handled basket with gracefully curved edges; a dish with a lid; a honey bee box dish and cover; and a pale captain's decanter.

The particular shade of green on each item or set varies: Some are a warm green, and others are of a cooler, more subdued tone. But whatever their color, Tiara dinnerware makes a marvelous addition to anyone's dining room.

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