Tiara glassware green

Tiara Glassware was manufactured in the early 70’s and 80’s by the Indiana Glass Company for resale at home parties. The glassware was manufactured in over 20 colors from amber and clear to the very popular and common color teal-green. The more common pieces of smaller plates, saucers and decanters were readily available in teal-green and are highly collectable but hold little financial gain compared to their original selling prices.

The Tiara Glassware was also manufactured in a dark red or ruby like color and was reserved for the host or hostess of the home parties that distributed the glassware. The red glassware retains a higher antique value than the more common colors.

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The styles of Tiara Glassware varied from complete sets of dinnerware, punch bowls, mugs and steins as well numerous other kitchen and household décor items such as lamps, vases and serving platters that were functional, sturdy and suitable for daily use.

The original intent of the Tiara Glassware was to imitate a historically popular and rare glass called Depression glass. The Indiana Glass Company also manufactured glass for Montgomery Ward. The similar styles and patterns of glass that the Indiana Glass company manufactured are commonly mistaken for Depression or Tara Glassware.