Tiara Glassware Ponderosa Pine

In the late 1970’s a small company based out of Indiana named Indiana Glass became famous for creating some of the most beautiful crystal glassware in the world, Tiara Glassware, and produced the beautiful pieces until 1998 when the company closed. These stunningly decorated crystal serving sets included plates, exquisite glass cups, serving dishes, and water pitchers. They are now highly sought after by glassware collectors around in the world. Indiana Glass produced many different sets of glassware including ponderosa pine.

Ponderosa pine was one of the most popular styles at the time of release and is still desired to this day. This particular type of glassware was made from high quality crystal and tinted spearmint green. Each individual piece of glass was shaped, and then etched with the ponderosa pine design. Each cup, plate, bowl, and serving tray is decorated with artfully etched pine tree branches, ponderosa pine needles, and pinecones.

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The gorgeous Ponderosa Pine styled Tiara glassware can be bought for the reasonable price of twenty dollars for a cup set and up to one-hundred dollars for a whole set. The prices for the glassware are affordable for both the avid glass collector and the average family.