Tiara Glassware Spruce Green

We are going to be talking about some esquisite glasswear, its called Tiara Glassware Spruce Green. This glassware is something you would want to have in your home as a collector piece or a piece that you would love to put in your special cabinet or to serve your special recipe in. A little bit about this glassware, it is produced in Dunkick, Indiana, production of this glassware was in 1970. Spruce Green glassware is a very nice green color very soft looking, with a very elequate look to it, that would make anyone happy.
This glass can be used for just about anything in your home: drinking glasses, bowls, pouring pitchers, plates, divided plates. So many times people purchase items for their home that would be great to pass down to family members and any of these pieces would be a wonderful item to pass down to your family. When you are out shopping at nice little shops or special dish shops please keep this unique glassware in mind if looking to buy or maybe just browsing. Tiara Glassware would make a wonderful gift for that special person that you have in mind, they will always treasure it as they see it in their home.