Tiara Glassware

Tiara Glass, an outreach of Tiara Exclusives, retailed its line of glassware from 1970 to 1998. Tiara Glass rode the burgeoning wave of home interior parties to sell its products. A retail company, Tiara Glass relied on glass manufacturers such as Indiana Glass, L.E. Smith, and Fenton Art Glass to manufacturer its product line. However, because the Indiana Glass company was in close proximity to Tiara Glass, an agreement allowed Indiana Glass to manufacture the majority of Tiara Glass’ product line. In return, Indiana Glass allowed Tiara Glass access to molds of Indiana Glass’ original products, along with molds purchased from other glass companies. As a result, the line of Tiara Glass glassware evolved into a diversified inventory of quality machine produced, and handmade products.
Undoubtedly, the most popular glassware design for Tiara Glass was the Sandwich pattern, manufactured by Indiana Glass during the great depression.

In 1998, Tiara Exclusives locked its doors, and sold the rights to the name Tiara Glass. Remember, precise identification of Tiara Glass products is difficult, because the only identification placed on their glassware was a paper sticker. Nevertheless, for precise identification, compare the color of a piece of glassware with the original catalog description.

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