Tiara Green Glass

The Tiara glassware sets were made by an Indiana glass company using Duncan Miller molds. They offered a wide variety of glassware in several sets of colors, including green of lighter and darker shades. The sets were originally sold through the Tiara home party plan from 1970-1998. The easiest way to know if you have a piece of one of these sets, is the unique Tiara name that can be found on the boxes and stickers that the pieces came in. If a box is not available, getting an antique shop to take a look at your piece would also let you know. Taking a look yourself could also fair out by checking distinctive traits found only on these types of pieces. Tiara glass always has very plain petals for their flowers. They are not as curvy as other manufacturers. Also, the swirl is "m" shaped and wider at the bottom and the sides.

These pieces are often sought after by collectors and prices remain relatively low to buy a set. Unless of course you go for unique, hard to find pieces, that would be a little pricier. Tiara glassware sets often include plates, serving dishes, glasses, goblets, and even ashtrays. They give an appealing new insight to your home decor and can make any dinner party a little more fancy.

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