Tiara Honey Bee Dish

The Tiara Honey Bee Dish is a charming glass dish design which was as lovely as it was useful. This sturdy glassware with stamped glass designs was actually made by the Indiana Glass Company to be sold by Tiara in home parties. In the 1970s through 1999, these expressive, colorful dishes were available through home shows. A person would host these parties and invite friends and family to see and buy different products. The Tiara Honey Bee Dish was very popular at that time. The design included beehives placed at regular intervals around the base of the dish, honey bees intermingled on the lid and sides of the dish along with a delightful choice of twenty-nine colors. Some of these colors included sapphire blue, amber, spruce, peach, and ruby.

Tiara glassware had a uniquely American look without appearing overly cute. Highly collectible, the honey bee dish was actually a re-issue of a design originally released in the early 1900s. Colors used were very similar to Depression period glassware colors, but not as rare, and not anywhere near as expensive. Only the re-issue from 1970 had the original flared feet; the remaining honey bee dish designs from 1971 to 1999 did not. The Tiara Honey Bee Dish is still in circulation for collectors who are willing to look.

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