Tiara Honey Dish

A Tiara Honey Dish is made from the Tiara Glass Company. They have honey bees, flowers, and hives decorating them. The original honey dishes were actually made to hold the honey comb as well as to hold honey in it. The measurements of the honey dishes are 5 inches square and 6 inches tall. It sits on legs that are located on all four corners. The bottom of the honey dishes are also decorated with honey bee designs. The honey dishes come in a variety of colors.

Tiara Honey Dish Glassware was made by the Indiana Glass Company in Dunkirk, Indiana. It was originally sold at home parties in the 1970's through 1999. The pieces originally sold for anywhere from $10 to $60. Tiara glassware was sold as an inexpensive option to depression glassware. The coloring of the glassware as the patterns of Toara glassware are very similar to depression era glassware, which was very expensive.

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The Tiara Glassware Honey Dish is a very beautiful piece of glass, with many special details. They are said to have been produced as early as 1911. You can find the Honey Dishes in mint condition in a wide variety of beautiful vibrant glass colors.