Tiara Imperial Blue Glass

There are many pieces available in the Indiana Tiara Imperial Blue glass. This highly sought after glassware is a real find for anyone to come across not just collectors. The stunning Imperial Blue is really fit for a queen and/or king. Some of the pieces available in this striking blue glassware include the Tiara Crown dinnerware, Indiana Glass Egg Plate clock and the Honey Box.

The Tiara Crown dinnerware pieces date back to the 1950’s when Indiana Glass put them on the market. They feature a “thumbprint” pattern detail. The actual pattern is number 77. The dinnerware pieces include various sizes of: plates, goblets, iced tea glasses, claret, and sherbet dishes. Cups can saucers are also available.

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Indiana Glass Egg Plate clock in the Tiara Imperial Blue glass is a beautiful piece. The egg plate was put out from the 70’s to the 90’s. They were originally named Vintage Egg Relish. Somewhere along the way they made specialty items with the egg plates, such as the Indiana Glass Egg Plate clock.

Tiara Imperial Blue glass Honey Box was made from as far back as the 1900’s. After a short time out of circulation they were reinstated in the 70’s. Besides the blue, which was produced in 1989, there are a total of 29 colors for this glass box.