Glass Tumblers

Any drinking glass with a flat bottom can be referred to as a tumbler. Some of these tumblers include shot glasses, dizzy cocktail glasses, and whiskey glasses. These glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in common. Tumblers are made from an assortment of materials including plastic, glass, or metal.

Shot glasses are small and can hold up to four ounces of liquid. They have a flat bottom that is normally rather thick compared to others. Also, they more often then not contain liquor. Shot glasses are considered by some people to be a modernized whiskey glass.

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Dizzy cocktail glasses are similar to the original cocktail glasses except that they do not have a stem. Dizzy cocktail glasses are essentially a wide bowl with a flat bottom that people drink from. While this glass is used for a variety of things, it often holds liquor or a cocktail, or mixture, of liquids.

Whiskey glasses are normally rather small and as the name construes, they hold whiskery  Whiskey glasses typically have thinner walls, or sides, than a traditional glass. Also, whiskey glasses are mainly for doing straight shots rather than sipping or mixing.

The endless variety of unique tumblers that can be found is what makes these items so popular with collectors and enthusiasts alike. The wide range of designs, styles and variations that can be found allow owners to create and stock a better wet bar, offer the perfect drink set or table setting to guests or assemble a collection that even non enthusiasts will appreciate. Collecting different tumblers can be a source of great enjoyment to everyone from the most dedicated of collectors to those who are only interested in finding the perfect glass to use when relaxing with a drink.

Tumblers as Collectible Items

Glassware that can be found in so many different styles and in such wide varieties offer many enjoyable opportunities and the chance to find great value for those who choose to start up or add to a collection. With options ranging from antique tumblers to more contemporary glassware and items that showcases unique styles in an endless range of variations, assembling the perfect collection can be a very satisfying undertaking. Having so many different collectibles items to choose from means that even small collections will be able to showcase a full variety of interesting styles and unique designs.

With glassware and tumblers being offered in so many different varieties, collectors can make the most out of each purchase and every acquisition. The plentiful options and one of a kind items that are available to choose from mean that every purchase can provide a wonderful addition to any collection. Items that offer superior collect-ability provide great satisfaction by affording a wide variety of opportunities that even casual collectors will be able to appreciate.

Choosing the Best Tumblers

Whether for yourself or as a gift, the care needed to choose the right tumblers and collectible glassware can make a difference. Having so many choices to choose from is precisely why collectors are attracted to these items, and taking the time to explore what is available can be quite enjoyable in its own right. Whether looking for something fun to add to your table or wet bar or seeking out rare and hard to find antique collectibles, ensuring that you have selected the best items available will be an important way to enjoy greater satisfaction with any purchase. A wide range of fun, unique and enjoyable tumblers can give even small time collectors the chance to assemble a range of glassware items that everyone will be able to appreciate.