Where to find vintage drinking glasses

Vintage drinking glasses are quite interesting. Although you would expect them to be made of poor quality material and construction, this is far from the truth. Not only are they beautiful and attractive, they are also sturdily made and can survive some rough handling. These are items you should consider buying for your house, for many reasons.

Finding good sets of these drinking glasses is not that difficult. For some reason, the glassware is not as difficult to find as other vintage items, although this may change significantly in the next decade or so.

You can find plenty of incomplete sets of the glassware at many second hand and thrift stores. Though they may have some minor imperfections and need some cleaning, you can actually find great stuff out there.

Complete sets of these drinking glasses can also be found at vintage or antique stores. These stores specialize in selling stuff from estates sales and others. While you will have to pay a premium, you will at least be sure that you are getting fine sets of glassware.

Other places to find antique drinking glasses include your grandparents or parents house. In most cases, people will be happy to hand them over to others, especially if they’re just gathering dust.

When looking for vintage drinking glassware in a thrift or second hand store, be careful and choose wisely. Check for tiny cracks in the glasses. As most of these items are ornately designed, it may be easy to ignore hairline fractures, which can shatter them after a couple of washes.

You should also avoid picking fake vintage drinking glassware. Many people try to replicate this style because of its appeal. Vintage drinking glasses were often handmade, and had no signs of poor construction or seams. Another sign of fake vintage glassware is the usual “made in China” print on the bottom.