Wine Glasses

The wine glass has been a part of history. Dating back to the iron age the beauty through design makes it sought after from collectors. Decorating some very important tables throughout the ages the wine glass has been used to toast events that changed history.

Parts of the Wine Glass

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There are three parts to the wine glass. The glass stemware consists of the bowl, stem, and foot. The bowl is designed to let the wine breathe and expand on the flavor. The stem is for holding the glass. It is believed important not to hold the glass by the bowl as the temperature would change the true flavor of the wine. The foot is used for stability and allows the glass to rest safely.


Wine glasses are designed by glass blowers using various methods to shape the bowl. The art is breathtaking and often the artist uses lead crystal it gives the glass a higher quality. The light refraction from changing the angles of the cuts of glass are an aesthetic design and make the glass more sought after. Air bubbles are sometimes added in a design called airtwist. The lead crystal is deemed important in giving the glass an ability to allow the wine to breathe. The higher the refraction of light on the glass leads to a more appealing design. The ISO of wine tasting has an particular size and shape it requires. The fine colorless crystal is rounded in shape with a tapered top. This allows the vapors to escape while allowing the wine to breathe.

Historical and Contemporary

Collectors seek out the beautiful glasses to add to their collections for historical value as well as beautification value. The wine glass is noted in biblical times as a chalice. Kings and Queens raise wine glasses in toast to honor guest during historical events. Tying in the historical event with a wine glass give it extenuating value and documentation is key. Pictures of the glasses on the tables of historical events add to the story behind the glass. Even today contemporary artist design the wine glass to exude elegance and beauty with a more modern feel. The shape can be changed and a unique design makes the glass sought after by collectors. A water harp is a set of wine glasses used as a musical instrument dating back to long ago. The amount of water in the glass gives it the tune. Used in contemporary settings today by musical artist the water harps are beautiful collections of different stemware.